Tour guides in Croatia. Find a tour guide in Croatia, easily and quickly. Direct contact. No comission.

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Tour guides in Croatia. Find a tour guide in Croatia, easily and quickly! Direct contact! No comission! Tour guides in Croatia get their license after an examination for each county where they make them. Therefore we have a map below where you get an overview of counties in Croatia. We have marked some cities to make it easier for you to find the city you want to visit, and where you need a tour guide. Tour guides are authorized to work in the entire county for which they have a license. So guides can work in several cities within each county. There are also tour guides who have a license for more then one county - for those who want to make the tours that run through several counties, and like to have one tour guide for the whole tour. So choose your destination from the map, click on the link with the name of the county to the left of the map, and search out a local tour guide from the list.

Tour guides Istria

Tour guides Kvarner

Tour guides Lika/Senj

Tour guides Zadar

Tour guides Šibenik

Tour guides Split

Tour guides Dubrovnik

Tour guides Karlovac

Tour guides Zagreb

Tour guides Zagreb City

Tour guides Sisak

Tour guides Krapina

Tour guides Varaždin

Tour guides Međimurje

Tour guides Koprivnica

Tour guides Bjelovar

Tour guides Virovitica

Tour guides Požega

Tour guides Brod

Tour guides Osijek

Tour guides Vukovar