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Pula sightseeing tour :

We start with the Amphitheatre, then we go pass the remains of the Hercules' temple, to the Catedral, then to Forum with Augustus and Roma Temple, and the City Hall. From there we go pass the Chapel of Santa Maria Formosa, then to the gates of the Roman city : The Sergii Gates - Porta Aurea, The Hercules Gates, The Twin Gates - Porta Gemina, then pass the Church of St. Nicholas, we come to the Castle of Pula where you can enjoy the wonderfull view of the city, and from above look at the small roman theatre.

Other city tours :

Poreč, Rovinj, Umag, Novigrad, Pazin, Labin, Motovun, Grožnjan, Hum, Roč, Vodnjan, Buzet and all the other cities in Istria.

Duration: 90 min

Price : 60 € -------------------------------------


Pula K&K tour - remains of austrian Epoque in Pula.

We start at the Naval graveyard Pula. Short walk through the graveyard, then we go to Naval church. After the church we go through the former Maximilians Park next to Marine barracks to Marine school. From there we go to Monte Zaro where was the Hidrographic Institute and monument of Vizeadmiral Tegethoff, next to Observatory down to Marine Casino and Offiziersvilla, and then to the Market building. The Tour - 2 hours of light walk with two 5 min breaks in the Park and at Monte Zaro. Coffeebreak and / or lunch possible ( Austrian lunch at Marine Casino ). On demand whole day tour - [ also possible with harbour tour by boat ] - place where Viribus Unitis sunk, shipyard Uljanik, Harbour Admiralat, Marine headquarters and hotel Riviera.

Duration : 2 h

Price : 80 € -------------------------------------


Istria Tour

Istria Tour is usually visit of 2 cities by bus or by boat, with lunch at a local restaurant (konoba), where you can enjoy Istrian delicacies.

In addition to this we can:

visit Baredine Cave, go hunting for truffles, take a boat tour, visit Brijuni Islands National park, go on a fishpicnic, go kart riding, visit water ski lift, take panoramic boat ride on Lim ( Limski ) Fjord, scuba diving, fishing... or just enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Istria!


Duration : ca. 8 h

Price : 100 € ------------------------------------


Brijuni ( Brionian ) islands tour

- starts in Pula harbour. From Pula transfer by boat to the Brijuni islands. On Veli Brijun we board the island train. Tour tour guide sits in the front of the train and tells all about the island over the microphone, whyle driving. The tour with the island train is about 2h long with 2 breaks of 10 mins. We see Safaripark, Ethno park, Olivetree from the 4th century, the ruins of byzantine Castrum and roman Villa. From there we go back direction harbour where you can visit the exhibition "Tito on Brijuni", Natural history collection, archeological museum, and one Exhibition of copies of frescoes and Glagolitic inscriptions of Istria and Kvarner in the St. Germanius church.

Duration : ca. 6 h

Price : 330kn / Person ( Discount for groups )


Pula harbour sightseeing boat Tour

- explore Pula harbour

- once main naval port of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Ship brings us to the place where "Viribus Unitis" sunk, near St. Catherine island where the hydroplanes base was, next to Puntisella to harbour wall, from where we can see the harbour entrance and Brijuni islands, then we drive back next to the St. Andrew island where you can still see the remains of the fortress, on the right side is the Naval church, we drive through to shipyard "Uljanik" where "Admiralat" building is, we also see the building of "Kriegsmarinekommandos", breathtaking panorama of the city with the fortress on the hill, the Amphitheatre and hotel Riviera.

Duration : ca. 1 h

Price : 10 € / Person ( Discount for groups )


Brijuni ( Brionian ) Islands Fishpicnic Tour

- starts in Pula harbour.

We drive through the harbour to Brijuni islands, just outside the harbour we serve meal - fish with bread and salad ( meat also possible, on demand ), and wine or non-alcoholic beverages. We drive through the archipelago and come to St. Jerolim island.

If you want, you can stay on the island to swimm, or just to walk around, you can come back to Pula with the next group. On the St. Jerolim is one café, nice beaches and you can also see donkeys and peacocks walking around free...

Duration : 2 - 6 Std.

Price : 230kn / Person ( Discount for groups )